Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Field Trip 5

Marlenes Rodriguez

                                          Chelsea Galleries Reaction”

            Observing all the works of art through the art galleries of Chelsea opened up my imagination and thoughts. There are all types of art and a diversity of many different styles in each of the artists art work. Many of these art pieces have meaning however some bring confusion and questions concerning the art work. The art galleries in Chelsea contained art work that almost seemed mysterious because of its style. Phil Collins and Torben Ribe were two of the artists who I analyzed.

            Phil Collins installation “This Unfortunate Thing Between Us”.  At the Tanya  Bonakdar  Gallery captivated me as soon as I saw it. This installation contained two old fashioned RVS with TVs inside, which showed a live broadcast of German national television. I found this installation intriguing because the artist is trying to depict a message through an installation and objects.  According to the Gallery Phil Collins work represented “the language of reality television” and its grammar. Collins installation makes me want to find out more and is an installation I’ll be interested in as a buyer. The artist is creative with the installation however at the same time there is a message behind it.  Phil Collins also had an installation of booths with old records and turntables inside the booths. This installation brings me to another time period and also going inside these booths to listen to records reminded me of a teleporter. Phil Collins work was good art in my opinion, because the artist was creative in his own way and had an idea that worked to capture the viewer’s attention.

            Torben Ribe art work did not really amuse me like Phil Collins installations because of the difference in style. Torben Ribe art work did not make sense to me and it seemed like there was not much effort put into the art. Ribe’s composition of a tree was of an art work and a artificial tree blocking the art work. The tree was right in front of the art piece which made it difficult to observe the art work. When I first looked at this I thought to myself what was the artist thinking? The art piece behind the tree was made out of acrylic, coffee and milk. This shows the imagination the artist had however in my opinion as a buyer I would not collect or buy from this artist. The untitled piece by Torben consisting of pizza menus was very plain when I saw it face to face it did not intrigue me.

            Both artists have different styles in their art work and these styles can grab any person’s attention. Everyone has their own perspective and can view a work of art in a very different way than someone else. As a buyer or a collector I would want to be intrigued and amused by an art work. Meanings, creativity, representation in art are three things I would look for as a buyer.  Creativity captures our attention and meaning in an art work opens up our ideas and our own thoughts.

Torben Ribe
“Composition with Tree”
Year – 2011

Torben Ribe
Untitled with Pizza Menus
Year- 2011

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