Wednesday, October 2, 2013

“Art and identity: The Museum of Modern Art”

Marlenes Rodriguez

October 2,2013

      “Art and identity: The Museum of Modern Art

       In every work of art there is meaning and a message behind the art work. An art piece can be viewed in many different ways by a person’s perspective. An art work can have a variety of different meanings however only the artist knows what he or she created. In art individual, cultural and historical identity contributes to art. These three identities are incorporated with what the art work symbolizes

“The Man in a Green Coat” (1921) is an oil on canvas painted by the French artist Chaim Soutine. This painting conveys an old man slouched showing very little emotion and lacking energy. The old man shows sorrow and seems to be in a difficult situation by his expressions. This painting can have many different meanings; it might also show the old man as tired, someone who has gone through a long day. This art work by Chaim Soutine embodies identity by how personal is it because of the main focus which is on an individual.

“Three Musicians” (1921) oil on canvas by Pablo Picasso embodies cultural and historical in my opinion. This painting is based on Picasso’s personal friend a poet that lived during the time of World War two. A “singing monk” is also shown as a representation of Picasso’s other close friend. The instruments and sheets of music might symbolize a time in Picasso’s life and his Mexican culture. The figures shown in the painting are historical because they are based on real people and historical events that took place.

“Zapatistas” (1931) oil on canvas by Jose Clemente Orozco is a historical identity. This painting symbolizes a time during the Mexican revolution and the revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata. The others shown in the painting were known as Zapatistas, Zapata’s peasants and followers. This painting shows a historical event that took place during the Mexican Revolution in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The attire shown by the Zapatistas can also represent cultural.

All art has meaning that contributes with Identity cultural and historical identity. Each work has its own representation of a time in history or a moment in someone’s life. These three paintings reflect on personal situations and also historical events like the Mexican Revolution. The artist is the only one that knows the meaning of their art work because the massage originates from their own life and experiences.

Chaim Soutine
         “Man in a Green Coat”
 Oil on Canvas

Jose Clemente Orozco
 Oil on Canvas

Pablo Picasso
“Three Musicians”
 Oil on Canvas


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