Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Extra Credit #1

Marlenes Rodriguez

"Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary"

 “Young girl eating a bird” (1927) oil on canvas by Rene Magritte’s shows a young girl devouring a bird. This painting I encountered caught my eye because of the action that is being conveyed. The young girl in this painting is eating up a bird which seemed very strange and kept me skeptical. The way Magritte painted the young girl eating a bird depicts a form of fantasy because humans are not really seen eating birds. This can relate to reality and might symbolize the way people can be cruel towards others. The world we live in has good and bad with many different intentions. In this case Magritte is possibly representing the young girl’s action as cruelty. Fantasy is shown by the way the girl is eating up the bird careless with her hands covered in blood.    

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