Monday, September 16, 2013

What is good/bad ART?

What is bad art? In my opinion bad art is something that has no meaning or creativity. In my eyes I might criticize a work of art as bad however someone else might have a different perspective.For example in the video a lady outside of the met gave her own opinion on how a line and a circle is considered bad art. I would have to agree, if I see two different shapes as an art work on a canvas it will not intrigue me. Bad art is meaningless in my opinion, it does not capture the viewers attention. 

What is good art? Good art is an artwork with meaning and consists of capturing the viewers attention. Good art is what makes the viewer think and opens up our imagination to bring out our own thoughts and ideas about the work. Good art is creativity and incorporates a story behind the work in order for the viewer to relate or to attract the person in some way. Good art is what makes the viewer curious and observant, causes them to react in a way of wanting to find out more .The painting I chose is by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, it captured my attention with the objects shown and her surroundings.

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